If you want to visit a site where you can learn all types of interesting things about bird watching, this is a site you can get used to.  Australia is a unique landscape and its birds are no different.   Bird watching in Australia is certain to be fit full of excitement and variety.  There are a so many different species of bird that you will be in no danger of getting bored while out on a bird watching tour. 

Some of the information you can expect to find out while cruising through this site: 

-          What bird watching equipment you’ll need to bring with you on your bird watching tours

-          Places to go if you’re looking to join one of the many bird watching clubs you’ll find in Australia

-          Get to know about the different species of bird you can expect to find in Australia

-          Links to information on other sites that will give you more information on bird watching

What you’ll find on this site is a wealth of valuable information for bird lovers everywhere; but this site is specifically designed for those who are living in or planning to visit the Australian landscape to do their bird watching.

Everyone needs a place where they can go to hang around likeminded people if they so choose.  Birdwatching.com.au is the place where you can go if you enjoy watching birds.  Depending on where exactly you reside (or will be visiting) in Australia, there are specific birds that are native to your region; and then of course there are some birds that can be found all over the country.

Bird watching in Australia

Bird watching in any country can be a fascinating experience.  There are more species of birds in the world that many would even be able imagine.  Bird watching in Australia specifically has a lot to offer bird lovers who live on our shores. 

Just to give you an idea of the types of bird you’ll see should you decide to go bird watching in Australia, a list has been compiled below:

·         Rosella (crimson and green) – found in south west area of WA, the male rosella is much more brightly colored than its female counterpart.

·         Peaceful Dove – this is a pigeon that is native to Australia and usually can be seen traveling in pairs, small groups, or flocks

·         Noisy Miner – this bird is known for being fearless and letting out a loud call in the threat of danger to call in the help of other noisy miners.  Look for this bird on the eastern seacoast between Adelaide and Queensland.

·         Singing Honeyeater - this is a bird that one could easily find in their own backyard as this bird is common all over Australia (with the exception of the eastern sea coast).

·         Galah – this is also a common bird that you can easily run across if you are doing bird watching in Australia

·         Black Swan – this bird has become a symbol of Australia (particularly in the west) and can be found cruising the different water ways all throughout the country.  

The great news is that this is only a small sampling of all the great bird watching in Australia to be taken advantage of on the world’s smallest continent.

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